District Based Women Computer Training Project (64 District)


Project Committee

For proper implementation and monitoring of the project, three separate committee (Project Steering Committee, Central Project Implementation Committee, Local Project Implementation Committee) have been formed as follows :

1.      Project Steering Committee:

A Project Steering Committee with Secretary, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs as chairman has been constituted to oversee and review the overall performance and progress of the project. The formation of the committee as follows:

► Secretary, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MOWCA)    :    Chairman

► Chairman, Jatiyo Mohila Sangstha (JMS)                                 :    Member

►Joint Secretary (Planning and Development), MOWCA               :    Member

► Executive Director, Jatiyo Mohila Sangstha                              :    Member

► Deputy Secretary (Development), MOWCA                              :    Member

► Deputy Chief, MOWCA                                                          :    Member

► Representative of GED                                                          :    Member

► Representative, Bangladesh Technical Education Board            :    Member

► Representative, Planning Commission                                     :    Member

► Representative, IMED                                                            :    Member

► Project Director, DBWCTP (64 District)                                    : Member Secretary

Terms of Reference of the Project Steering Committee:

1. (a). Reviewing overall progress of the project.

    (b). Make decision in case of essential policy formulation.
2. (a). The committee will meet at least twice a year.

    (b). The committee may co-opt member(s) from any organization if deemed necessary

2.      Central Project Implementation Committee:

For successful implementation of the project, a Central Project Implementation Committee (PIC) has been constituted with the representatives from related organizations. Following is the composition of the committee :

I.          Chairman, Jatiyo Mohila Sangstha                                           :    Chairman

II.         Executive Director, JMS                                                           :    Member

III.        Member, Executive/Management Committee, JMS                     :    Member

IV.         Representative, Planning commission                                     :    Member

V.          Representative of GED                                                              :     Member

VI.         Representative, IMED                                                            :    Member

VII.        Concerned Senior Assistant Chief, MOWCA                            :    Member

VIII.       Concerned Senior Assistant Secretary, MOWCA                    :    Member

IX.         Representative, Bangladesh Technical Education Board            :    Member

X.          Assistant Director (Project Implementation), JMS                       :    Member

XI.         Programmer, DBWCTP (64 District)                                        :    Member

XII.        Project Director, DBWCTP (64 District)                                   : Member Secretary

Terms of Reference of the Central Project Implementation Committee:
(1)    (a)    Monitoring all activities and reviewing progress of the project.
        (b)     Recommend solution for the problems during implementation.
(2)    (a)    The committee will meet four times a year.    
        (b)   The committee has the authority to co-opt member(s) from any Organization if deemed necessary.   
(3)       In absence of Chairman, JMS, Executive Director of JMS will preside over the meetings.

3.      Local Project Implementation Committee:
The 64 computer training centers under the project will be operated by the respective JMS District committees at the local level. There is a local project Implementation Committee for each center. The formulation of the committee is as follows:

I.            District Chairman, Jatiyo Mohila Sangstha                            :    Chairman

II.           Representative of Deputy Commissioner                              :    Member (To be nominated by the Deputy Commissioner)

III.          Member, JMS District Committee                                         :    Member

IV.           Programmer/Asst. Programmer/District Officer, BCC            :    Member

V.            District Officer, JMS                                                           :    Member

VI.           Women Commissioner                                                 :    Member(To be nominated by the Mayor of City Corporation/ Municipality)

VII.          Instructor (Computer), DBWCTP (64 District)                      :    Member

VIII.         Assistant Programmer, DBWCTP (64 District)                     :  Member Secretary

Terms of Reference of the Local Project Implementation Committee:

1.      a)   Selection of trainees for training.
         b)      Arrangement of training in the center as per the instructions in the DPP.
         c)      Coordination activities of the center with the head office.
2.      a)  The committee will sit quarterly for review, implementation and progress of the center.
         b)     District Project Account will be maintained jointly by the district Chairman of JMS and Assistant Programmer/Instruction of the project and they will be responsible for local expenditure and audit.


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